Little Leagies launches program in Kyogle

April 7, 2017


Gold Coast based Little Leagies today launches its health and fitness program for children in Kyogle.

Little Leagies offers non-contact development programs for children aged two and over with a key focus on rugby league and touch football skill development.

Formed in 2013, Little Leagies is the brainchild of former NRL players Scott Prince, Luke O’Dwyer and Ashley Harrison. Scott, Luke and Ashely combine over forty years of professional playing experience and developed the program in consultation with junior league, touch football and childcare professionals.

The initial vision for the business was to increase participation and support of rugby league as well as provide an avenue for retiring players to give back to the game and develop business management skills by running a Little Leagies program in their home towns after retirement.

“Over the years we’ve been doing this we’ve introduced hundreds of youngsters to the game and given them the benefits that go with it,” Mr Prince said.

“In addition to the obvious health and physical benefits, Little Leagies provides kids with important social skills and promotes teamwork which will help them right the way through their lives.”

Group One Rugby League President Jason Goulding was integral in bringing the Little Leagies program to the Northern Rivers.

“It is great to see a program focused on the introduction of rugby league for our pre-junior children aged from two years. This certainly allows for our junior players be a part of our clubs at a young age,” Mr Goulding said.

“To have the structure of a proper program with coaches that have attained the correct accreditation certainly is piece of mind. The program developed for children by rugby league players is certainly a step in the right direction for any child looking to burn off some excess energy while increasing a number of motor and social skills in a fun and non-contact environment while making friendships that can last a lifetime.”

Group One Rugby League is looking to roll out this program across all rugby league clubs in the Northern Rivers in the coming year.

“To have more children involved in rugby league is certainly our focus at the moment and having our players of all ages and abilities in the correct environment with the correct training is something all of our local clubs are very passionate about. We have Ballina and Kyogle rolling the Little Leagies program out this year with other clubs very keen to get started next year” said Mr Goulding.

Little Leagies will host a free Open Session for children aged two to four at Kyogle Junior Rugby League football club this afternoon. The program will officially kick off on April 28 and will run a weekly half hour clinic each Friday afternoon during Term Two. For more information about the Kyogle program visit

For more information on Little Leagies visit

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