2014 & 2015 – Little Leagie, Reedy Creek
2016 & 2017 – Burleigh Bears Junior

Responses provided by Jordan’s Mum Kelly

Why did you choose to enrol Jordan in Little Leagies?

Jordan was a natural form the age of one, he always had the ball in his hand and thrived on playing out the back with his Dad every afternoon. When he was three he wanted to learn more about football so Little Leagies was the first step in helping him become confident and obtaining the skills to play football in the future.

What development did you see in Jordan throughout the program?

Massive development was achieved throughout the time Jordan was in Little Leagies. He gained confidence, a healthy lifestyle, learnt structure and how to get along as a team, as well as excellent ball skills.

What sports does Jordan participate in now?

Jordan plays rugby league and oztag.

Did Jordan’s┬áparticipation in Little Leagies help him in any way to transition to junior rugby league or other sports?


What did you think were the highlight benefits of the Little Leagies program?

Being part of a fun active environment.

Would you recommend the program, if so, why?

Yes, Jordan has learnt a lot from Little Leagies and it has helped him become the confident junior football player he is today.