2014 & 2015 Little Leagie, Gold Coast
2016 & 2017 Burleigh Bear Junior

Responses provided by Hunter’s Mum Brooke

Why did you choose to enrol Hunter in Little Leagies?

From an early age Hunter has shown a love for footy, through playing at home with his Dad and his uncles but he was still too young to register for a club team so Little Leagies was the perfect fit.

What development did you see in Hunter throughout the program?

Coordination, learning to cooperate with other kids in a team sport. He also become aware of what he would expect when he started playing. the skills they teach are both teaching them but the kids are having so much fun at the same time.

What sports does Hunter now play?

Hunter plays rugby league in the winter with Burleigh Bears and baseball in the summer for Mudgeeraba Red Sox.

Did Hunter’s participation in Little Leagies help him in any way to transition to junior rugby league or other sports?

Absolutely, they learn to share, team sports, and caring for their mates.

What did you think were the highlight benefits of the Little Leagies program?

Very few sports are available for kids from such a young age and this I believe gave Hunter the headstart with both confidence, ability and passion for his sporting future. It also made it less intimidating going into a team sport.

Would you recommend the program, if so, why?

Without a doubt, the coaches, the skills and the program itself is fabulous. The fact that it is indoor is a bonus as like any other weekend sport the rain affects the play. The sheer joy Hunter got out of doing the program was worth it.