2014 & 2015 Little Leagie, Gold Coast
2016 & 2017 Burleigh Bear

Responses provided by Emerson’s Mum Erin

Why did you choose to enrol Emerson in Little Leagies?

To help build his self confidence through something he had a great interest in, football.

What development did you see in Emerson throughout the program?

Not only his gross motor skills improved like passing, catching, running and dodging but his knowledge of the specific game skills like two hands on the ball – thumbs on top, passing backwards, playing the ball and placing the ball to score a try.

The one thing that truly stood out over all of these though was his confidence and the improvement in his ability to recognise and manage his anxiety in new situations. This was made easy by the great relationships the coaches had with the kids and the consistent and predictable routines of every Little Leagies session.

What sports does Emerson now play?

He now enjoys surfing, playing Oztag and Rugby League.

Did Emerson’s participation in Little Leagies help him in any way to transition to junior rugby league or other sports?

Yes for sure. The gross motor skills as well as the positive relationships with the coaches and other players has set him up to be a respectful team player who’s gaining more and more confidence in his ability.

What did you think were the highlight benefits of the Little Leagies program?

The social emotional benefits were the highlight for us.

Would you recommend the program, if so, why?

Yes, I highly recommend this program.  For Emerson it was the excitement of getting his very own uniform (which I’m sure I remember he wore it every chance he could in the first few weeks showing it off to family and friends), as well as playing fun games with his coaches. And for us as parents it was so satisfying to watch his confidence build and watch him take little risks to face his fears – all while keeping active, healthy and happy.