2014 – 2016 Little Leagie, Gold Coast
2017 Bilambil Jet Junior

Responses provided by Braxton’s Mum Krystel

Why did you choose to enrol Braxton in Little Leagies?

My husband played rugby league growing up and always wanted his son to play rugby league as well. Brax was a very active child and we were told to get him into as much sport and activity as soon as we could as it would be great for him. As junior rugby league age is from five and over, Little Leagies was our only option when it came to junior development in rugby league under the age of five. Little Leagies was the perfect fit.

What development did you see in Braxton throughout the program?

General coordination skills picked up dramatically, also learning to cooperate with other kids and also being involved in team activities. His attitude towards authority also changed dramatically over the years.

What sports does Braxton now play?

Brax now is a member of the Bilambil Junior Jets Rugby League Club and plays under 6’s. He is also a member of the Dbah Grommies team which teaches them beach and surf skills. Up until he started school Brax also did Kindy Gym at Polly’s Playground. We will be enrolling Brax into nippers in the next season when he comes of age. He has mentioned that he would like to play soccer as well.

Did Braxton’s participation in Little Leagies help him in any way to transition to junior rugby league or other sports?

I believe his participation in Little Leagies is a big help when it comes to being prepared for junior rugby league. It starts them off by giving them the coordination and skills, including ball skills, but it also prepares them to work as a team and in groups when it comes to sports. Having a coach and being part of the program also gives them a sense of being part of a team, but also helps prepare them for training and playing games.

What did you think were the highlight benefits of the Little Leagies program?

I think the main highlight for Braxton was the games, he loved participating in the fun games. The games make it fun for the kids but also benefits them in the long run in preparing them for junior rugby league.

Would you recommend the program, if so, why?

I would definitely recommend the program. It is great fun for the kids and gives them the beginning preparation for junior rugby league. Not only that the coaches are very easy to deal with and lovely experienced people,  they appreciate that every kid is different and try to involve all kids in all activities. The website and all correspondence is efficient and reliable, I found it very easy to use.